POD: Meat

I found my self standing in the Bloor Meat Market Ltd, while standing there admiring the selection of fresh meat I pulled out the camera and snapped today’s picture of the day. There was just something about the rows of meat that I wanted to capture. I also love the wood chips on the floor.

POD: First Skates

Today after ballet Melissa and my mother, took Violet out to buy her first pair of skates. Watching the video of her trying them on his amazing. I can’t wait till she can get out on the ice to give them a try.

POD: Autoshare

This morning while Melissa and I was make plans for the day we decided that we wanted to go shopping and to make it easier we thought why not get a car. So today I tried out our new Autoshare membership. We picked up a Honda Fit Wagon, we’re looking forward to trying the many cars… Continue reading POD: Autoshare

POD: Happy Hotel

After a four days of fun camping, we packed up our camp and headed to a hotel for the last night. Both kids were very excited about spending their first night in a hotel. Whats been amazing is that each day we’ve been in the pool at least once, and today was no exception. The… Continue reading POD: Happy Hotel

POD: Where’s the Beef?

Today’s picture is a bit of a cheat… After tonight’s run, a 13.4km around the Neighbourhood, I wanted a different kind of snack, so I got a bag of yummy beef Jerky. And I promise I’ll try to stay away from snacks for the rest of the month.