The future of gaming? Ever since the first launch video I knew that we’d be getting Jacob a Nintendo Switch for his next birthday. Watching this video, for the first time I thought maybe I shouldn’t wait for Jacob’s birthday maybe I should get it for myself on my birthday.

POD: Coding and Beer

Last night I headed out for what started out as being a working meeting but somehow ended up including wings and beer. So I took a picture of the code to show that it wasn’t just fun and games.

POD: Profile Picture for Ruby

Today I captured this picture of Ruby,  when I showed it to Melissa she said it looked like  profile picture.  So I set one up for her, @thedogRuby. I’m not sure if I’ll post anything on it, but it’s there if I want.

POD: Late Night Coding

Tonight I spent the evening after the kids went to bed coding.  I post this as the day runs out and I don’t have a clear Idea when I’ll be done for the night.