Watch Face Wednesday: Geek-Square-Weather

One of my most complicated watch face, updated for Watch Face Wednesday with Weather and some minor refinments. Features a user-selected Background Image. Double tapping cycles between Image, Time/Date, and Stats. Single tap while on Stats cycles through the stats in the centre. Geek-SquareWeather: Get it Here

Watch Face Wednesday: Geek-Squares

Week two of my Watch Face Wednesdays and I realize this is harder than I thought it would be. Coming up with new creative designs each week is hard. I promised a new Watch Face each week, so I sat down and came up with this one. Geek-Squares – A simple watch face that …
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Watch Face Wednesday: Geek Hockey with Weather

Last year I got a fit bit sense as a gift, and since then I have been creating my own watch faces using It’s a lot of fun creating unique looks for my watch. I have had a number of ideas, and have made more than half a dozen of different designs. Of course, …
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