Musing from Starbucks

  Today I find myself sitting in a Starbucks, trying to get some last-minute work done. When I first got here my phone told me the last time I was at this Starbucks was Almost 2 and a half years ago, on that day I was conducting an experiment, trying to get work done with just… Continue reading Musing from Starbucks

Geek Musing: NaNoWriMo

It’s November for some a time to grow a moustache,  or others it’s time to write a novel.  I’ve always wanted to grow a mustache for Movember but that would mean shaving off my goatee,  so that’s out of the question.  So instead I’ve taken on the daunting task of writing 50,000 words in 30… Continue reading Geek Musing: NaNoWriMo

Geek Musing: Tipping

Yesterday was Jacob’s special day, it included a trip to out for lunch, as we were settling up the bill Melissa asked Jacob what tipping was. He said “It’s when you give extra money.” I thought it wasn’t a bad explanation, but of course misses the point. Of course Melissa explained that tipping is a… Continue reading Geek Musing: Tipping

Geek Musing: Breakfast

I’m not a morning person, never have been. Probably never will be, but having kids has made it necessary for me to be up and useful first thing in the morning. Most days it’s Melissa and I working together to get it all done. We have to them dressed, pack their lunches, and make sure… Continue reading Geek Musing: Breakfast