Geek Musings: Writing


I want to write, I used to love to sit with a pen in my hand and spin tails of far away world’s and great adventures. Over the years the tails have dried up, but I still love to write. I’ve turned the pen in for a keyboard but I still love writing. This blog I exists because of that. I started it because I wanted to write about becoming a father. Of course if you look at it now it doesn’t look that way. Looking at it now Geek with Kids is a photo blog. A place to see the Picture of the Day. I find it a little strange how much this bothers me, it used to bother me when I’d go months between posts. Now there is a post each day, but I want more written content. Not just photos.

I thought  about ending the picture of the day. As the new year dawned I took a long hard look at it, but in the end I love being able to go back to any day over the last 4 years and see a picture. It’s a great way to remember events. So it will continue.  Though I’m still working out how I want to organize it. Last year I used a Picasa Web Album to keep them all together, but with Google moving more and more to Google Plus for Photos and the inability to embed Google Plus images outside of Google Plus, I’m looking for a new way to group them.

But what about my writing. I remember telling people I wanted to be a Programmer and a Writer. I’m sure I’ve written that here before too. So what am I doing to bring the writing back to Geek with kids. I could go into lots of plans as I do every so often when I get this writing bug. Or I can stop talking about it and just write. I remember reading an article by an  author about being a writer (Don’t remember who the author was) he said if you want to be a writer you had to write. I don’t write everyday. I don’t think of the few lines I include with my Picture of the Day as writing. Sure sometimes I write some substance but most days, I just do a basic description and leave it at that. I want to write every day. I don’t know if I want to share everything I write on my blog. But I think it’s time that I stop thinking about being a writer and just do it. So now every morning I’m going to try to take 20 to 30 minutes to just write on what every comes into my mind. If I like it I’ll share it, if I don’t I’ll either delete it, or file it away for some future time. So stay tuned.


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