POD: Timbit breakfast?

Today while picking up some last-minute supplies for this week lunches we spotted Timbits cereal. We had to buy a box, well two box (once of each flavour) to give it a try. To nobody’s surprise, they were a hit with both the kids.

POD: Vesta Burger

Yesterday I took a longer than normal lunch hour, that included dropping Melissa off at work. So while driving back to my office I couldn’t help myself. I had to stop at Vesta Lunch (Read about it here), my goto place for a late night / early morning snack during my misspent youth. I have… Continue reading POD: Vesta Burger

POD: Chicken Parm

Last night we headed to East-side Mario’s with Nana, Papa, and the kids. I snapped a picture of my Chicken Parmesan. It was good, but not as good as Melissa makes.

POD: Shopping for Meat

Every morning the question of what to give the kids for lunch has to be answered. So yesterday evening I headed out to pick up some salami for the kids lunches. While there I captured this picture of the meat counter.