The future of gaming? Ever since the first launch video I knew that we’d be getting Jacob a Nintendo Switch for his next birthday. Watching this video, for the first time I thought maybe I shouldn’t wait for Jacob’s birthday maybe I should get it for myself on my birthday.

At last a ‘Modern’ Mobile platform

Today Microsoft launched what I think will be the future of Mobile OSes. I expect to see Google and Apple releasing their own text based Phone OSes in the next 6 months. If you have a windows phone, get it out here.

2013 The Movie

A couple of days ago I was on Google plus when I saw this in my Auto Awesome feed. I thought it was a great little video and wanted to share it with more people than on Google Plus, so I uploaded it to YouTube and posted it here. Enjoy  

The Power of Plus

Ok, I don’t usually post video’s I find on the web and the thought of sharing a product ad seems wrong. Except this time. This ad speaks to me as a geek and more importantly as a father. It also highlights the number one feature I use on the Google Plus mobile app.

How can we help?

Today a friend posted this video to Facebook, it highlight a devastating condition that I didn’t know existed. I thought I should share it here to help raise awareness.