POD: Soon to be Grad

Today Jacob came home with his Grad hoodie. I know the colour wasn’t his first choice, but boy did he want to get his hands on it. I can’t believe that he’s almost a highschooler.

POD: Violet’s Project

To start a new year of the picture of the day posts, we have a picture of Violet of violet practising her science project before school this morning. She worked so hard on her project, researching facts about the sun and writing it up, before putting her poster together.

POD: November Reading Scrapbook

Today we wrap up November, and with it, Jacob has to hand in his Reading Scrapbook. Of course, he wasn’t finished his scrapbook till after 10 o’clock last night. I think managing his time will be something we’ll work on for next month project. Still I think he did a very good job.