POD: Friday Night Ball Hockey

Tonight Violet’s ball hockey team had a game to make up for a rained-out game 2 weeks ago. With the 4-1 win, they are 6-0 for the season and are the only team that hasn’t lost or tied yet this season. They play the only other undefeated team (they are 4-0-2), to see who will …
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POD: Tryouts Day Two – Scrimmage

Today was the final skate for next year’s hockey team. There were close to 20 girls skating, with a hand full of them fighting for the last few spots on the team. So there were some tears as some of the girls didn’t make the team. Watching them out there makes me glad I’m just …
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POD: City Ice Hockey Champions

Today Violet’s school hockey team competed for the City Championship. She’s wanted to play for her school team for years, but with the pandemic, this is the first year she’s been able to play. They had 2 tournaments where they went 2-2 and 3-0-1 leading to today’s final. They won 2-1 to take the championship.