Musing from Starbucks


Today I find myself sitting in a Starbucks, trying to get some last-minute work done. When I first got here my phone told me the last time I was at this Starbucks was Almost 2 and a half years ago, on that day I was conducting an experiment, trying to get work done with just my tablet and my phone (POD: Coding on a Tablet) I’m amused when I look back on that day. I remember feeling that I had been productive even with the limitations that I faced. I wrote more about the limitations later that year (Tech Tuesday: Coding on the Go) of course by that time I’d given up on the experiment and moved to a laptop. The other point from that day is that nothing I worked on that day was ever finished. The personal projects I was trying to work on I still have half completed waiting for me to find the time to get back to them. Any paying work would have been minor tweaks to a client’s website software, that they use but could really use an overhaul.

Again I sit here, this time with the full power of a Windows laptop to do my work. It’s the saw setup I have at work (Minus the 23-inch second monitor) or at home. I can do anything here that I do there, and it’s a good. Already today I have fixed a few bugs in an application that we’re demonstrating to our client on Monday. I like the portability it provides, but then it also brings up the question, this is Saturday this is my day, should I really be work? Maybe if I took some of that time back I could be working on the personal projects I’ve started but never quite finished.

Of course, the other thing that looking back on my last visit to this Starbucks drives home is that I have to get back to posting my picture of the day. So instead of spending my time programming, I found myself writing this instead, and you know what? It felt good to write. Perhaps I will have to do more of it.


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