A weekend without Sou Sous

2 days and 2 and a half nights of the no sou sous it’s been a mixed success. The first night went well but the second was a disaster. It started with having a full day of activities and missing his nap. So he was tired and went to bed with only a minor plea for a sou sou around 7. Of course that was to early for our little guy and at 2:30 he was up. I intercepted him on his way to get Violet sou sou. I’m not sure if he got it if he would have gone back to sleep. What I do know is that without it he didn’t. He was up till around 5:30ish when he finally fell back asleep.

Today was another day without a nap, with the family trip to Whittamore Farm taking up the afternoon. He never seemed tired though and after last nights weird sleeping pattern he didn’t fall asleep till 9:30ish. Once again there was a plea for a sou sou, but I managed to convince him that he should try and sleep another night without it. Once he agreed to try he feel asleep. The question is will we have another late night wakeup? So far so good.

We’ve also not had a nap time without a sou sou. We’re also not up for another long night, so if he can’t sleep we’re thinking we might pull out one of his sou sous instead of fighting with him. I’m hoping we’ll be able to hang in there, but only time will tell.


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