No more Sou Sous for you!

I usually try to post earlier in the day, but I couldn’t seem to find the time to blog today. Now that I’m sitting in front of my computer as the day draws to an end I have the time and thought I probably should. It’s been an interesting night here, we decided that tonight was the night that Jacob would give up his Sou Sou’s, better known to some as Pacifiers. He’s been really good about only having a Sou Sou when he sleeps, but we think it’s time that he moves on. We’re worried about how it’s effecting his teeth.

So tonight the Sou Sou Fairy came and took them away. In there place will be a Diego Rescue Pack. This isn’t the first time that we’ve tried to trade his Sou Sou’s for the Rescue Pack, every other time we ended up with a sad boy would couldn’t sleep. Today its been different. Though it took him till after 11 to fall asleep. He didn’t have the quite the same reaction as the other times. It seems like he wants to move on, but he’s just scared. He’s never slept with out a Sou Sou. Ever since he was a new born baby in the NICU he’s had one and tonight for the first time, he’s sleeping without one. It’s a big step for our little guy.

Of course the hardest part  in the days to come is going to be Violet’s Sou Sou. We are going to have to watch him to make sure that he doesn’t take them from her. Of course I’m sure that wont be a problem.

Last Minute Update:
Of course I was I was going to post this entry who should come walking down the hall asking for one of his stuffed animals but Jacob. It seems that he’s still not managed to fall asleep. I’m still hopeful that we’ll get there tonight, but its not looking good. I’ll keep you posted.


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