POD: Ruby and the Water Tower

green field with a lit up water tower in the back and a barely visible dog running towards the camera caring a lit up frisbee.

It seems the real winner of my trying to get more active is Ruby. Tonight in an effort to hit my daily step goal we headed out for a 45-minute walk. I didn’t set out to walk 45 minutes but wanted to hit my step goal, and I was further away than I thought. During our walk, we found ourselves at what seems like a little used off-leash park, where I captured today’s picture of the day.

Poor Ruby is getting too old to be going full out after her Fribee for more than a throw or two, and she always goes full out for her Fribee (Even when she’s exhausted). Of course, I couldn’t say no to her. She’d been good the entire walk and she even carried her own Fribee the entire walk, as you can see in today’s bonus picture:

Dog walking with a blue disc on her leash

Questions for my readers (if there are any):

I’ve been back to posting my picture of the day for almost 3 months, and I have really enjoyed it. But I have some questions I want to ask people who see this (I’m including this here because I was to see if people are seeing my posts. I might do a post with just these questions in the future.

The first is about when I post my picture of the day. Over the last week, I had fallen behind. I had pictures, just didn’t get a chance to edit and post them. With this post, I am caught up. But what I found is I do better if I am not struggling to get the post out at the end of the day. If I have some time. So I thought I’d see what the people who see my Picture of the Day think I should do? (If there are any of you out there)

The second is if I should get back to writing posts about things that interest me.

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