A new morning routine?

Yesterday morning was unlike any I’ve had in more than 2 years,  and even then what happened this morning was rare.  It started normally,  me up with Ruby,  I puttered around the kitchen,  doing the few remaining dishes and making the kids lunches while Ruby ate.  Then with Ruby settled I headed upstairs to get ready for my day.  I found in eerily quit with everyone still asleep.  As I was getting ready for my shower an idea popped into my head and wouldn’t go away.

What if I start my day with a run?

I don’t know where it came from,  I haven’t been out for a run in months,  or more.  But there it was and it wasn’t going g away.  I stopped getting ready for the shower and started hunting for my long discarded running cloths.  Before I knew it I was out on the streets trying to run.

During the run it became clear that I’m out of shape and I need to decide if I still want to be a runner. If I do I will need to find regular times to go for runs, just now sure how I can do that. This is something I spent most of yesterday thinking about.

This morning I know I ran yesterday, my body is protesting the effort I exerted. When I first started running the pain the day after my runs was extreme, it hurt to move. Today it hurts but only a little. Showing that though I am not used to running, I haven’t lost all my conditioning. So I guess on one level I am still a runner, but for how long will that be true?


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