Today I thought I’d share an app I’ve been using for a couple of months that I use to keep track of my battery.  Batter Widget? Reborn provides a window into the inner working of your phone’s battery. It’s primary feature is to provide a circular battery status. Beyond that it includes also includes a usually fairly accurate time remaining plus provides a very good interface to see Android’s battery stats.  There are 2 sides to the app, the quick view that are provided by the Widget and Notification Area,  and then the detailed view in the application itself.

I’ll start by looking at the Quick views. I don’t use the actual widget, my home screens don’t have room. What I do like is the Notification area, I like that it adds the battery percent to the status bar. Plus having the details in the notifications complete with Time remaining on battery or time remaining to charge.  Plus it gives easy access into the application.

The Application itself has 4 tabs, Battery Info, Battery History, Notification Area, and Settings.  The Battery Information tab has the current charge of the battery, How long it will last, temperature. A Battery Usage button takes you to the System Battery usage interface. There are also 4 Power Setting buttons that allow you to quickly disable and enable WiFi, Blue Tooth, Background Sync or turn on Airplane mode. Battery History shows a graphic of of your batter’s charge has gone and projects how it will go into the future. I love that it estimates when it will be fully charged as well as fully drained.

Notification Area allows you to set if you want to see the battery status in the status bar as well as what additional information to show.

Settings allows you to set your phone to automatically go to Airplane Mode during the night to conserve battery, as well as set if you want to use Fahrenheit of Celsius for the temperature displays.  In the free bate version also includes a link to buy the full version of the app.

If you are looking for a more user-friendly way to see your battery status then what regular Android provides then I’d highly recommend giving this what a try.



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