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Today I thought I’d share an application that I find myself using more and more for my picture of the day. Photo Grid is a collage application for Android. It creates 4 type’s of collage, plus the ability to add boarders to a single image.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking for applications for adding effects to photos on my phone. Most are filled with tacky effects and usually lower the resolution of your images to un-usable quality. I usually use the Grid Collage for my picture of the day. I like the clean look it produces and how easy it is to use. It still lowers the quality of the pictures to 720 or 1080p, but most of the time, I find the grid look worth the loss of image quality.

The process is simple, you select up to 8 images.

Depending on the number of images you choose you are given 7 or 8 different layouts to choose from.

Once you have chosen your layouts it’s a simple matter of swapping the images around and position them within the grid and you have your collage. Here is one I through together while taking screen shots for this post. I used some amusing pictures of balloons in hats that I captured on our way home from the Santa Clause Parade.

I’ve never really used the high or wide Collages, they just allow you to place your pictures in a horizontal or vertical row. And I’m not usual willing to trade the lose of quality for the border effects.

The one type of Collage that I’ve wanted to use but have never really had the pictures that worked for it, is the Free HD. It allows you to put together your pictures in a free form way. Today while getting the screen shots for this review I thought it would be a good time to try it. So I grabbed some of the pictures I took with my phone at the Santa Clause Parade and put together a collage. Like the grid collage you

The interface for putting together Free collages is simple and efficient. In face I wish that the grid interface used a similar interface for positioning the images inside the grid. Here is the Free Collage I put together of the kids at the parade.

I’ve only covered some of its features, there is an options for changing the background colours and adding borders to the pictures. There is also a random collage option that shuffles the pictures and grid when you shack the phone, allowing you to create random collages, the only problem with it was that I found I could accidentally trigger it. I lost a number of collages that way before I disabled it in the settings.

If you are looking a way to put together collages on your phone then Photo Grid is the app for you. It’s simple and quick to use and I highly recommend it.

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