1000 Days of Twitter

A few months back someone twittered that they had been on Twitter for some amount of weeks. It was a high number I can’t remember who it was or how long they were on twitter, I just remember wondering how long I’d been on twitter. I looked it up on www.whendidyoujointwitter.com


At the time I thought wow, I’m only less then 100 days from being on twitter for 1000 days, that’d make a good blog post. I wonder if I could find my very first post. A quick google search later and I found www.shotbeak.com/oldtweets/index.php and with I found my first ever tweet sent 1000 days ago was:

Thinking about going to sleep… Wondering if this thing’s on!!!

Not a very inspirational first tweet. It didn’t get much better from there:

  • watching twitter vision  999 days ago
  • working away 957 days ago
  • Still working away… you’d think I’d be done by now 894 days ago
  • Programming away, can’t seem to stop… even though my bed is calling me!!! 887 days ago
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