POD: Looking down on the Game

This afternoon I headed down to take in a rare Saturday afternoon game. It amuses me that over the past few years I’ve probably been to close to 50 games with these tickets, but have sat in the seats less than 6 times.

POD: Number 1

Today the Jays did something they haven’t done since I was a teenager. They took moved into first place in the America League East. Sure, it’s early. There is still almost 50 games left in the season and they will have to play well to stay there. But it was only 2 weeks ago that they… Continue reading POD: Number 1

POD: Taking in the crowd

Today I have a panorama from the Jays game. It’s amazing how many people where there for a Tuesday night game. Between the players the team picked up at the trade deadline and the 9 game winning streak the excitement around the Jays is something not seen in this town for over 20 years.

POD: Baseball Panorama

Today after work u headed down to the Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays play the Angels. So for today’s picture of the day I thought I’d use a Google Auto Assume. Panorama I took at the game. Be sure to click on the image to get the full effect.

POD: At the Ball Park

Tonight I headed down to the Rogers Centre for my second ball game of the year. It was a good game with the Jays coming out on top 4-2. They tried to blow it with the Orioles managed to load the bases with one out before the Jays relievers shut the door.

POD: Home Opener 2015

Today the Toronto Blue Jays hosted their home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s the one game of the season my ticket doesn’t get me into see, so I grabbed a beer and watched it on the newly surround sound enhanced tv.

POD: Almost Baseball Season

Today for my picture of the day is another sign of summer. It’s a picture of my pass to a summer of baseball with Bill. . This little pass will get us into every home game, but the opener.