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POD: Blue Jays Game

Tonight I got down to the Rogers Centre for the first time this season. To see the Blue Jays play the Baltimore Orioles.  It was quite a game. After each

POD: Taking a Shot

Today we took a break from lacrosse to head to Just Shoot It with some of her next season teammates. It was fun watching her and her friends working on

POD: Ringing in the New Year with a Pie in the face

A new year has begun and for my first picture of 2018, I have one from last night. Violet and Jacob playing Pie in the Face showdown. Violet one the

POD: Splash Pad or Fountain.

Today I found myself wandering around downtown when I saw this in a little parkette.  It looks quite impressive, but I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be a Fountain or a Splash pad for kids to play in.

POD: Gold Card for Jacob

I knew Jacob enjoyed his Starbucks before school (Apple juice and Chocolate Chunk cookie) but I didn’t know just how much. He seems really proud of his new Gold Starbucks card.

POD: Planning

As the summer winds down it’s time to start planning for the fall. So out come the poster board, markers and before you know it we have a calendar of all our family activities for the coming month.

POD: Rainbow

Today while walking Ruby I saw a rainbow stretching across the sky. I tried to capture it for my picture of the day, but I don’t think it does it justice.

POD: Another Camp for Diva

Violet heads to her second overnight camp of the summer. This is her usually overnight camp. This is the 4th time she’s gone. The second time it’s for 2 weeks. I know she’ll have a blast, but I’m a little sad that we won’t see her for another two weeks, and when she’s back summer is pretty much over.

POD: Picking up Diva

Today we picked up Violet from camp. It was her first time at an overnight hockey camp and she seems to have really enjoyed it.

POD: Looking back at a scary momment

As I try to get back into posting a picture every day, I still find days where I have failed to capture a moment worth sharing. On days where that happens, I plan on going through my thousands of photos at sharing a moment from years past. Today I have a picture from August 24 2016, one of the scariest moments I’ve had as a driver. While driving home from Oakville with the kids and my mom my tire blew out. I managed to get from the left lane to the right shoulder where we waited first for Suzanne, who took the kids and my mom to safety, then the tow truck.

POD: A sweaty day at Camp

Today I have a picture of Violet and two of her friends from Hockey Camp. They look like they are having a great time.

POD: Roses


This summer we planted our first Rose bush in our little flower garden. Back in June when the first flowers bloomed it was great. When they blew away I thought we were done for the year, but looked forward till next summer when we’d have new roses to admire. So I was surprised this week when I saw new flowers starting to bloom on our little Rosebush.

POD: Where’s the Playground?

On the Friday before the Long weekend, I noticed a lot of workers in our neighbourhood park. At first, I thought they were just doing repairs but it soon became clear that they were taking everything down. I believe it’s for an upgrade to the park, but apart from an announcement for consultations from 2017 I haven’t found the plans. At the time I thought it strange that they would do it right before a long weekend. A weekend that usually sees lots of kids playing in the park. I assumed that they would begin work on Tuesday, but as you can see, they haven’t.