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POD: Coding on a Tablet


After dropping Melissa and Violet off at the Science Centre for a play day with a bunch of her friends, I decided to run a little experiment. I headed to

POD: Day of Science


Today we headed to the Science Centre for a day of science fun with friends.  We had a great day.  Today’s picture of the day is of one of the

POD: Goalie Violet


Today my little donned the goalie pads and headed between the pipes.  She did stellar for her first time in net.

POD: Chore Charts


Today we have a picture of the kids knew chore charts. I love how excited they get to do their chores. Of course I do wonder how long that will last.

POD: Celebrating with an Old Man


Today we celebrated Bill’s 40th birthday, on his actual birthday unlike last year (POD: Celebrating with Friends.)  A fun time was had by all, well maybe not Jacob who’s feeling a little under the weather today.

POD: Ruby’s new Toy


Yesterday we were looking for something in the dollar store after Violet’s swimming. Walking down the aisle looking for the bargains in between the junk, Violet found a rubber chicken she just had to get for Ruby. I was dubious but we got it. Ruby loves it, but it took her less than 2 minutes to have it separated and the squeaker removed.

POD: My Pens

Today we have a picture of my Pens. Over the years I’ve been attached to a number of pens. So today I thought I’d take a picture of my current pens. Of course technically two of them are styluses, but there at the top is by current Parker pen. I got that one a year and a half ago, when I was still using my little books for taking notes, and tracking my work times.  Now I do that using OneNote on my Phone and Tablet. Still it’s nice to have a good pen.

POD: Where do I work again?


Today we have a picture I took near my work, I hadn’t realized I was working in New York. Of course it’s just props for filming of a Movie or TV show. Does anyone know what Taxi 22 is?

POD: A New View

Today we have a panorama I took at the new offices of one of our clients. It’s on the 22nd floor, with a great view of downtown. I’ll probably be using other views from their offices in the weeks to come.

POD: What is it?


Today I thought I’d do something different, I thought I’d see if you can identify what today’s picture of the day is of?

POD: Popcorn

Tonight we have a picture of our evening snack. It’s one snack that the entire family loves.

POD: No Pictures


Tonight while relaxing and watching the Oscars with Melissa I tried to capture a picture of Ruby. This is what I got… it looks to me that she’s saying No Pictures!

POD: New Hockey Sticks

Today the kids it the ice with new sticks. Well Jacob had a new stick, Violet has Jacob’s old stick with new tape.