POD: Unexpected Visit



This evening we find ourselves at the St. Joes ER, waiting to see how serious Violet is injured. She has hurt her shoulder, we are hoping its not broken, but we’ll have to wait to see what the docotor and/or XRays say before we know for sure.

POD: Somebody Watching Me


While I was waiting for my busthis mooning I noticed somebody watching me from our yard.I tried to cature it but I was petty far away. Still it was a cute moment that seemed perfect for my picture of the day.

POD: Tuesday Night Baseball


I didn’t want to use another Blue Jays game shot for my picture of the day but something happened in tonight’s 11 inning game that I wanted to capture. The Jays bullpen ran out of gas in the 11th. Giving up 7 runs and only recording one out. So Gibbons turned to Tolleson, who had come into the game as a pitch runner and was hitting in the DH position to get the final 2 outs. He struck out the first batter he faced and cause the second to fly out. An impressive pitching performance by a position player. It also means we saw the pitcher hit in the home half of the 11.

POD: Relaxing Ruby

Today we have a picture of Ruby relaxing after a long day, that included a visit with her sister Porscha .

POD: Getting ready for Hockey


Today was hockey prep day for our little family. We pulled out the hockey bags and tried on all the equipment seeing what fit and what didn’t.  It seems it mostly fits, we might have to get one or to things but nothing major. After we were done, Violet was all about hockey. Begging me to get out the net and play hockey with her. So I spent most of the afternoon outside with her playing hockey.

POD: Dark Roast


Today I took a little time for me and headed to a local Tim Hortons to try their new Dark Roast coffee. I have to say it was pretty good. I think I like it more than their regular roast.

POD: Baseball


After a long road trip the Blue Jays returned to Toronto, so Bill and I headed down to the Rogers Centre to watch the game.  It was a disappointing 8-0 lose. Still with only 6 weeks left in the regular season, I’ll be at every game I can.

POD: Children of the Corn


Today I captured this picture of the kids, and it makes me wonder if they are from Gatlin. Of course it was just the flash, still they looked cute so it is of course my picture of the day.

POD: Its Friday night Right?

Tonight after the kids were in bed I decided to sit back and spend some time with Melissa and Enjoys a beer. I usually only do that on Friday but for me, today feels like a Friday, except for having to work tomorrow that is.

POD: Riding to Camp

20140819_082648_Lake Shore Blvd W

Today Jacob had a bike rodeo at camp, so the kids got to ride and scoot to camp this morning. I captured todays picture of the day as we walked to camp.  They both loved ‘riding’ to camp, I expect they will both want to do it again tomorrow.