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Tech Tuesday: NaNoWriMo


Yesterday I wrote about my personal experience competing in NaNoWriMo, Today I thought I would take a look at the different technology I used to try to reach 50,000 words.

Looking back at NaNoWriMo 2014


The month is over, my mad dash to 50,000 words came up short. Very short. I didn’t even manage to write 15,000 words this year, and that’s including my background

POD: Hitting 1000


Tonight I continued my November routine of heading to Starbucks with Jacob to do some writing. I haven’t managed to find my novel writing groove, but it’s been fun trying.

POD: Violet’s first Goal


After weeks of getting close to scoring,  today Violet finally put on in the back of the net.  It took till her last shift of the game.  A game filled with shots that missed the net or were stopped by the goalie one finally found its through. We’re so proud of our little hockey star.

POD: Letters from Santa


Today the kids got their letters from Santa they were so excited to open and read them. The looks on their faces as the read the letters makes all he hustle and bustle of the Christmas season worth it.

POD: Going Retro


Today Jacob had a dose of Retro gaming. At a local sub shop they have a classic table top Ms. Pac-Man game. Jacob was surprisingly excited to play it. I foresee many trips to that sub shop in my future.

POD: Looking more like Christmas



With Christmas Eve just a week away I thought  I’d share a picture of some of our decorations. Today we have our snowmen.

POD: Jingles watches


Today we have another picture of our Elf on the Shelf. Jingles is still watching over our tree though today he’s got an ornament. I suppose we really have to get to decorating it.

POD: The Prodigal Elf Returns


After the weeks of worry the kids were thrilled when they came downstairs to see Jingles had finally returned. I think he is trying to give us a hint about the lack of decorations on our tree.

POD: Gingerbread Row


Today we got together with friends for some Christmas fun. It was fun to watch the little ones decorating their Gingerbread houses. The hardest part for the kids were not eating the houses tonight.

POD: A Rare sight


Today I captured an elusive couples selfie.

POD: Shave and a Hair Cut


After weeks of hints, that escalated into threats I finally headed to the local barber for a shave and a hair cut. As I was sitting in the chair watching as he began to shave off my beard I found myself wondering if I took better care of it and trimmed it down now and then, if It wouldn’t have looked better, And maybe I could have kept it.  Perhaps next year I’ll give the bear another try.

POD: Jacob In the Snow


Today the city looks ready for christmas. It started to snow in the morning and didn’t stop till after the kids were home from school. I captured todays picture of the day during the walk home from school. Instead of heading straight home, the kids played in the snow with some of their friends from school for a little while. Of course that wasn’t enough for Violet who spent hours in the snow near our house playing and shoveling,