POD: Jacob’s brings home 2 tests


Today Jacob brought home two tests, a math test and a social studies test. He got an A+ in math and a A- in Social studies, we’re so proud of the little guy.

POD: Violet’s Earthday Sign


Today Violet came home with this Earth day sign and she insisted on posing with it for today’s picture of the day.

POD: Violet’s new Instrument


Today we headed to Toys’r’us so that the kids could use their gift cards. Jacob added to his Power Ranger Toy collection with a Power Rangers Deluxe Super Mega Blaster. Violet after careful consideration picked a child’s pink Guitar. She seems so excited to learn how to play guitar. Of course the first Challenge is for me to tune it, I think there’s an app for that.

POD: Easter Morning

Today we have a picture of the kids doing there traditional easter egg hunt.

POD: Easter with Friends


Today we celebrated easter with some of our closest friends. Today’s picture of the day is of the kids sitting together patiently waiting for their easter presents, well maybe not that patiently.

POD: Porsche’s Last Night

Tonight we have a picture of Ruby and Porsche asleep together for the last night . It’s hard to believe that the weeks already over and tomorrow she heads home.

POD: Ballet Photo Day


Today’s Violet had her picture day at Ballet. She looks so cute in her costume, I can’t wait to see her recital, it’s hard to believe that’s only 6 weeks away. Where did this year go, before you know it Jacob will be 8 and school will be done for another year.

POD: Visiting the Vet

Today Ruby and I headed to the vet for some more needles and trimming of her nails. She did great, but didn’t like sitting on the exam table waiting for the vet to get back with her needles. The great news is that her paw seems to be fully healed.

POD: Remember that it is spring

With a 20 degree drop in temperature and snow greeting us when we woke up this morning, it was nice to take a moment to remember that it is spring. So tonight while picking up a few things Melissa and I picked up these Tulips for my mom to say thank you for all the help she gives us.

POD: Evening at the Dog Park

Tonight while Jacob was at Beavers Scouts the sun came out, so I took the dogs to have some fun at the dog park. Unfortunately there was no other dogs there while we were, but the two of them had fun running around and chasing each other.