POD: Snow suit in July?


So today Melissa headed out and picked up a new snow suit for Violet.  It seems wrong to be buying winter clothing in the middle of summer,  but if we wait the sizes our kids need will be gone.

POD: Ruby duty dooo


Today I have a picture of Ruby,  looking for some love while the kids were out with their Nana and Papa.

POD: Little Super Heros

Yesterday I had a picture of Violet that showed how grown up she’s gotten,  today I have one to remind me that she’s still a little girl.  I captured todays POD while Violet and Ben ran around with their caps at the park.  We had a great day in the park with the kids playing in the splash pad, wading pool and play ground. Really just having a great day in the sun.

POD: A Couple of Girls


Today Violet headed to the spa for Sofias birthday.  I captured this picture as the two of them walking down the street after the party.  Looking at them I can’t believe how old they look.  They could be a couple of teenagers heading out for some fun to the library to study.

POD: little Monkeys


Today on the way to swimming we cut through the kids school playground,  while there Violet wanted to show off monkey bar ability. She is getting so much better,  though she is still only getting 2 or three bars across.  Jacob was happy to show her how it’s done. Of course it wasn’t that long ago that he couldn’t have gone more then a few bars.

POD: Legging out a Hit

For today’s picture of the day we have Jacob taking off from the plate after a hit. What’s even better is that I also have a video of the hit, I’ve embedded it below.

POD: Warm up


Today I headed down to the Rogers Centre for some baseball with Bill.  I captured todays picture of the day while Dickey warmed up before the game.

POD: A walk through the Valley

Today after baseball the kids and I decoded to go on a bit of an adventure, so instead of heading home we walked through the valley to Marie Curtis Park. During the walk we were surprised to see a couple of deer grazing across the river. So for my picture of the day I put together a collage from some of the pictures I took during our walk.


POD: Night Walk with Violet


This evening Violet went for a walk along Lakeshore.  She loves watching the signs change colour,  so I captured today’s picture  of the day with her posing under one.

POD: Exploring the Rocks by the Lake

Today after breakfast with my mom, we went for a walk by the lake. I captured these pictures of the kids as they explored the rocks near the lake.