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Dear Jacob


My little man, each day you are less a boy and more a man. How much you have grown and changed. This has been a summer of new things for

Tech Tuesday: A Big Unboxing


For months I’ve known it was time to get a new computer, but it’s a hard thing to pick a computer. This week I finally pulled the trigger and got

Updating Geek with Kids


If you are a regular reader of Geek With Kids you might have noticed something different with the site. Last Friday I launched an updated look for GeekwithKids.com. With the

POD: An evening brew


Tonight we have a picture of a beer I picked up tonight. It was a tasty Brew that I quite enjoyed.

POD: Softball Trophies

Today I thought I’d share Jacob’s baseball trophies and team picture for today’s picture of the day. He is so proud of them all. And I am so proud of him.

POD: Baseball Banquet


Today was Jacobs baseball banquet. There was food, prizes and trophies. It was a fun way to wrap up the season. Best of all at this end of season party we had no broken collar bones.

POD: Off Road Fun


Today we headed out of tow to spend the day with family. Both Ruby and Jacob loved it. Jacob couldn’t get enough riding the 4 wheeler, and Ruby loved to chase it.

POD: Steak Pie


Today Melissa picked up some treats for us from Wiseys Pies & Bakehouse. I’d popped in last week and tried a few of their small pies, today she brought home to of the bigger ones. We only ate one tonight, the Stake Pie, it was amazing.  We still have a Butter Chicken pie for another day.

Dear Jacob


My little man, each day you are less a boy and more a man. How much you have grown and changed. This has been a summer of new things for you and our family, I love how you embrace each one as they came along.  As I look back on it now it seems like it’s been a year of changes. Some of them harder to understand then others, but you got through it. We got through it as a family.

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POD: Robo Dog


I captured this picture of Ruby as we had our evening playground time. I hadn’t realized that we had a Robo Dog.

POD: A night at the theatre


Tonight Melissa and I headed down to the Princess of Whales Theatre to see The Book of Mormon.  It was great. Music theatre  is something we both enjoy.  I really wish we could get to more shows.

POD: Last Ball game of the year


The baseball season is winding down,   the excitement of June is long gone and we have another disappointing season for the Toronto Blue Jays.  still I enjoy an evening at the ball park and to night looks like it might have been the last for this season.  My final tally is 22 games this season.  A respectable amount  but I hope to beat next year.

POD: Inside a Tablet


Today I found myself staring inside a tablet, trying to fix a broken power connector. Of course I failed because hardware has never really been my strong point. Still it was interesting to see what was inside.