POD: My Pens Geeky

POD: My Pens

Today we have a picture of my Pens. Over the years I've been attached to a number of pens. So today I thought I'd take a picture of my current…
POD: A New View General

POD: A New View

Today we have a panorama I took at the new offices of one of our clients. It's on the 22nd floor, with a great view of downtown. I'll probably…
POD: Watching Jacob General

POD: Watching Jacob

Today the kids started skating classes. Well Violet started Hockey Skills and while Jacob is taking power skating. Both of them tried really h…
POD: Illustrated Poem Family

POD: Illustrated Poem

Today we have a picture from Violet's poem book, that she's working on with her Nan. They write the poem together and then Violet draws a picture.
POD: Wind Power General

POD: Wind Power

Today we have a picture of the Wind Turbine at exhibition place.  It's cool bit I've always wonder if there is any more being planned.
POD: Evening Walk General

POD: Evening Walk

Tonight we have a picture of the sky that I took during an after work walk. I thought setting sun looked cool against the clouds.
POD: Pick your Posion General

POD: Pick your Posion

This morning I went to get a coffee in a clients launch room, and for a moment I was a little leery of actually drinking it. Of course after t…
POD: Waiting Ruby General

POD: Waiting Ruby

Today while BBQing dinner I was greeted by Ruby waiting at the door for me to come back inside. She was so cute I had to take a picture.
POD: Hooking Nate Young Family

POD: Hooking Nate Young

Today Violet had a special outing with her god mother, so little Nate came to our place for a visit. It was great to have the little guy aroun…
POD: Date Night Selfie General

POD: Date Night Selfie

Tonight Melissa and I shared an unexpected date night, and you would think on a night like this I might use a picture of the 2 of us, or maybe…