Two Weeks

Today Violet is 2 weeks old, its hard to believe that it has only been 2 weeks. She is such a tiny little thing. Now when I pickup Jacob feels so tall and heavy. Our family has grown and it feels right. I am so proud of how Jacob has handled becoming a big brother. He loves his baby sister and wants to help us take care of her.

Of course there are a number of challenges with a new baby, but when I look at her they just seem to melt away. It was the same way with Jacob, but now it seems like there are less questions… No thats not right the questions are there we just seem more confident in our ability to answer them.

So now after being off for 2 weeks I am back at work and I am finding it harder to leave in the mornings. A part of me is jealous of Melissa’s maternity leave of having a year without work to spend with our children, but its only a part because I still get to come home to them every night.



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