Apps for a new System.

With the release of Windows 7 RC 1 a couple weeks ago my desire to update my home desktop has grown. I have be considering this upgrade since the beta was released to the public in January but have been waiting till I can upgrade some of my hardware, specifically my Hard-drive and Ram. I plan on doing a clean install so I can start fresh with the new version of windows. With the release of the Release Candidit I am thinking I wont wait for the hardware upgrades. Of course that means I have to clean-up my existing drives so I have room, one reason getting a new drive is easier. So to put off cleaning up my drive I thought I would make a list of the top apps I will need on my refreshed system. I’ve managed to keep the number to 6, here they are:

1: Mozilla Firefox: Web Browser
The browser is your window to the Internet, with more and more applications moving to the web its important to choose the right browser. Microsoft has made great strides with Internet Explorer version 7 and 8, and Google Chrome is an intriguing new competitor in the browser space but Firefox is still my first choice. The only question is whether I should use the 3.5 beta or stick with 3.0? Of Course I don’t Just install Firefox I also install extensions. Download status bar, no script, xmarks/Weave, Firebug,

2: 7-Zip: Archive Manager
A great open-source program for managing Zip and other Compressed files.

3: Avast: Anti-Virus
It pains me that I need an Anti-Virus on my computer, of course the products from the market leaders Norton and McCaffrey hurt more. If I could justify the cost it I would go with Nod32, but since it’s for my home system and there are so many quality free Anti-Virus applications I’ve chosen one of them. Other I considered areAVG and Comodo Internet Security

4: Postbox: Email
My current email client of choice,though still in beta its based on Mozilla Thunderbird which gives it a stable base. It’s enhanced management of Attachments, Images and Contacts make it a more attractive then just Thunderbird. I’m working on a full review of Postbox form my Software I use series so stay tuned.

5: Digsby: Chat / Social Networks
Digsby is a multi-client chat program that supports social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s replaced Pidgin as my primary IM client. I like its clean interface and many features.

6: Live Mesh: Cloud
Live Mesh is another beta program, it’s for synchronizing files between computers, windows mobile phones and online storage. As an added bonus it allows remote desktop into system included in your Mesh. It also allow sharing with other people, though right now

These are just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots more programs that I will be installing on my system or using on the web. To see what other software I use check out my ongoing series of posts under the Software I use.

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