Doctor Visits

Twice this week I packed up Violet said goodbye to Melissa and Jacob, and took Violet to the Doctor. Both times the doctor was at St Joes so it was just a short streetcar ride. While I was riding it I realize that its the first time I had gone anywhere with just Violet. I wish the daddy daughter time could have had been for a better reason.

I was also reminded why Melissa usually handles the doctor visits. When got in to see the doctor I had to answer the usual questions about why were there, what was wrong with Violet. Even though I discussed it with Melissa before heading out I wasn’t sure of my answers. The most embarrassing thing personally was not being able to recall her weight from her 4 month appointment the week before.

The scariest part of both trips was when the doctor sent us for blood work. I should say when the Doctor sent Violet because I was just along to worry about her. Its the first time she’s had blood drawn and it was just like it would have been for me but everything was smaller. Of course it was less of an ordeal for her then me…she barely flinched when they put the needle in, and seemed to ignore it while they collected the blood.

In the end it would seem that the 2 days of doctor visits were not for nothing because she did have a virus that was getting her down but they found nothing significant that could be causing her fever, so we are to monitor and if it persists head to see our doctor on Monday. Of course when it comes to the health of your kids you can’t be to careful. Now if the fever would just stay away and let her sleep through the night again all would be good.


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