Sharing a Parental Moment

Last night Melissa and I shared a parental moment, one we aren’t eager to repeat. Jacob was sleeping in his bed and Violet was sleeping in her bassinet. Melissa and I were just getting ready to head off to bed ourselves when Violet stirred, so we picked her up. She was hots, he had a fever to go with her stuffed nose. So some Infant Tylenol for the fever and Saline drops for her nose, then comfort her till she falls back to sleep. Standard sick child response. Of course she isn’t the only sick child in our house, and while we were comforting Violet, Jacob decided that he needed some comforting of his own.

The fist sign that Jacob was out of bed was his shadow on the wall. We see it as he slowly comes down the stairs, last night we saw the shadow but Jacob just sat at the top of the stairs. This has been common for him during this illness, he doesn’t seem to have the energy to make it down the stairs so he waits at the top for mommy or daddy to carry him down. Last night Melissa was on the couch with Violet so I carried him down. We did a quick transfer of children and I rocked violet while Melissa comforted Jacob and gave him some Advil.

As I stood rocking Violet I looked over at Melissa comforting a sick Jacob then down at Violet I knew that though we could be up for hours comforting them illness this time was special, there will come a time where sick or not our little ones wont be little anymore and sitting rocking with mommy or daddy just wont be an option for comforting them.  Of course that wont be for years to come. Last night we were lucky after their medicine and some comforting they both went to sleep, I’m hoping that our luck will last through this bout of illness.


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