Most days for our little family starts the same way. Violet wakes up and singles the start of the day. I take her downstairs and I change her and get her first bottle of the day. We then spend the morning together. Its time I enjoy spending the morning with my little girl.

Of curse during this time our little man usually makes his way down the stairs and joins us. He usually takes a little while before he is really awake. Its quite common to climb onto my lap while I am feeding Violet. Of course having to kids on my lap makes getting up to get Jacob some breakfast a bit of a challenge.

Of course on most days I try and let Melissa sleep as late as possible. She gets to spend the whole day with the kids, the morning is mine and I don’t like to share. Of course there is only so much time I can spend with the kids in the morning before I have to run off to work. The time I do get I cherish. Its almost enough t make me a morning person.

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  1. You appreciate the time with your kids and I’m sure Melissa appreciates the extra time in bed.

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