Dear Violet

In two days you will be 8 months old, where has the time gone. In honour of that I thought today I would write you a letter. I’ve wanted to write you letters before but I never managed to find the words. It’s just something your mom is better at doing then me but today I thought I would try again.

My little Cupcake, you are going through some big changes right now. You’ve almost got that crawling thing down,  just keep at it and try not to get frustrated. Remember going forwards is easier to get places, I know that you are doing pretty well going backwards but I think you’ll find it gets easier going the other way.


I know that your teeth are hurting as they come in, but it’s worth it. Soon you will get to try lots of new foods that you need those teeth for. So hang in there, it gets easier.

In 2 weeks you will be starting your first swimming class. It may be hard at first but I think you will really like it and you don’t have to worry I’ll be there with you. It took Jacob a while before he liked our weekly trips to the pool. Now they are a highlight of his week.

I just want you to remember that I’ll always be here for you.

Love Daddy


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