Favourite C64 Games

Writing my bio the other day started me thinking about my youth and one of the things that stood out was the games I played on the C64. So here is a list of my favourites, there are many more I could have included but these are the ones I thought of first so they made the list. I had planned on including screenshots but thanks to YouTube you’ll get to see some video of the some of the games I played as a kid.

A great game, you had to navigate through puzzling levels without falling or being shot, while disarming bombs. One of the memories of this game that stands out for me is that a friend and I hacked the level files to change the order.

If watching the video makes you want to experience it all over again you could check out:  Jumpman – Under Contruction

Impossible Mission  I & II:
‘Stay a while. Stay for forever’. Dodge robots, solve musical puzzels while hunting for puzle peices. I’m looking forward to playing this on my Wii, it’s been released in Europe on the Wii Virtual Console, just waiting for it to come to North America.

Law of The West:
It’s always fun to strap on a 6-shooter and a badge and bring order to the wild west. Of course, Law Of the West was much more than a simple shooter. You as the sheriff walk around town interacting with the colourful townspeople. How you talk to the people determined if they would react nicely or pull out there gun to shoot you. Through in an occasional bank robbery and you have an enjoyable trip to the old west.

One of the first video games based on a movie that I played. You get to play through the major events from the movie. You started by setting up your Ghostbusters business, choosing a car and equipment. Then you run around toy trapping ghosts and earning money. To win you have to collect enough money before the Gate Keep and Key Master get together. Then you slip past the Marshmallow Man and win the game.

BC Quest for Tires:
Wheeling across the prehistoric countryside avoided Branches, Rolling stones Flying boulders, hungry Dinosaurs to rescue the fair maiden is a great way to spend an afternoon.  In BC Quest for tires, you got to do all that and more.


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