Getting Wii Active

At the beginning of the month I picked up a copy of EA’s Wii Active. Wii Active is an fitness ‘game’ for the Wii. The idea is to have fun while you get in shape from your own living room. Wii Active comes with a leg strap and resistance bands allowing for a wide range of exercises.  This is the second fitness product I’ve got for my Wii, the first was the Wii Fit. I liked the Wii fit, but I didn’t keep it up. After a couple of weeks I stopped working out. I’d come back to it ever few months but it didn’t stick.

I’m hoping that the tracking features will inspire me to work out everyday. Well almost everyday, the 30 Day Challenge has a rest day after every 2 days, so the 30 day challenge is actual 20 works in 30 days. Yesterday marked the half way mark of my first 30 Day Challenge. So far I’ve managed not to keep on schedule.

My plan is to do 3 consecutive 30 Day Challenges, one at each level of difficulty.  I’m not sure if I will keep to the 2 days workout, 1 day off schedule. I’m leaning towards moving to a 4 or 5 days working out then one day off.  These will make the 30 day challenge down to 24 or 25 day. I’m hoping to do regular posts on my progress. So stay tuned


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