Going back to work

Heading into work this morning was a chore, not just because it’s back to work after a week off but because of a delay on the subway. It’s like the Universe was taunting me, not only do you have to go back to work but we’re going to make your least favourite part longer. The only saving grace was I had plenty of coffee, lots to write about and the driver on our train provided regular updates. Sure the updates were all, ‘there is a delay at Christie because of passenger injury’ but was better then the silence that usually accompanies delays.

Going back to work gives me an opportunity to reflect on my short vacation. First thing that came to mind is a week off doesn’t feel like enough time. Going into it I had all sorts of plans about family outings, work to do around the house, work to with my blog and a few programming projects I was hoping to start. At first when I looked at it it felt like I didn’t get enough of the me stuff done, but then from the beginning I chose to make this vacation about family and not about me. We went to the Zoo, the Ex, the local parks and other family outings. What we did manage to do, redo our living room and start transitioning our kids clothes from summer to fall, I feel really good about. I just thought I’d have done more. It was a great family filled week, I just think next summer I should plan for 2 weeks off.

The biggest thing I failed to get done this week that I wish I had managed to do was reorganize my Office / Man cave / storage room. It’s a good space, but because of bad planning and having to take out a bunch of the boxes we had stacked in the back it’s become a bit of a disaster. I need to make it a better space for working and storage. for that I need to do some planning and just buckle down and do it. Perhaps tonight after the children go to bed, will be the time.


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