Software I use: Weave (Firefox Extension)

Over the last month I have set up my home computer once and my work computer twice. It has help that I had a list of my the first few things I install, though I realized that list is missing a key component.

Mozilla Weave, is a Firefox extension that allows you to sync Bookmarks, Passwords,…(get list) between a secure central server and multiple copies of Firefox. This is create if you have more then one computer but also good if you have one and want to backup or migrate your Firefox settings.

Of course there are other ways to do this, XMarks, formerly none as Foxmarks syncs bookmarks, and MozBackup will back up you Firefox settings. Of course niether does everything Weave does, or will do in comming versions.

One feature Of weave that I was surprised to find was OpenID Authentication. When you are presented with a standard OpenID login Weave replaces it with a single button, giving you one click OpenID authentication. The service uses an OpenID server at It’s the first implementation of increased authentication intergration. Making it easier to log into the sites that you use.

Of curse its still in beta so it’s not for everyone, but development seems to have intensified over the last few months and we’re now up to version 0.60 and for me it’s felt stable since V0.40


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