Adding a challenge to my blog

The other day I was going through some old sites, reviewing old accounts and I came across my NaBloPoMo account. I looked over the message board and thought maybe it would be fun to do again. My first thought was to keep it slow, try to post every weekday in October then go for the gusto in November.  Then the other day I thought, why wait. What’s the point? Either I do it or I don’t but way wait a month to find out. So without fan fair on the first of the month I submitted my blog to the Blogroll and started.

On the weekend I was inspired to add the badge to my site (See sidebar) and as soon as I did I got blocked. I had a lot of trouble getting out my next three posts. I had planned on saving the post about what I was doing until I was a third or half of the way through the month, but today I figured why not announce it. Let people know what I’m doing. Let’s not fail in Silence, lets fail in front of everyone. Of course I might not fail. Only time will tell.


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