Baby Signs Update

One of the tricks of parenting is to learn to communicate with your baby, you want them to understand you. However, more importantly you need to understand your kids or any other kids you may receive into your home, so if you were looking to become a foster parent you would want to go through some sort of  foster care training process to better understand the children and the children understand you. Things that you will learn with becoming a parent (natural, adoptive, or foster) is that from the moment they are born you learn to tell the differences between their cries. That high pitch scream is because she wants to be held, that lower sustained while is because she is hungry. But interpreting screams is hard work, and not always an exact science. That’s where teaching your baby to sign comes in. We used it with Jacob and it was great. We’ve doing the Signs with Violet, I thought I’d share what Violet did with her signs.

Last night when it was getting close to Violets bedtime and her final bottle of the night she started putting her hands together in the signing motion for more and looked expectantly at Melissa. It was something like this video, except this was without prompting. And much clearer hand movements

She was clearly asking for something, we think food. She had the wrong sign, because that’s the sign for ‘more’. When I brought her a bottle we did the sign for milk she tried to move her hand in the sign. So it’s clear that she’s getting it. Now it’s up to us as her parents to make sure that we keep using them around her and expanding her vocabulary of signs. Another way I want to help teach Violet her signs is to get Jacob doing them too. He still uses the sign for Please and Thank You. So all I have to get him to do is use it for Milk, More, and Eat.


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