Finding the Words

For the last 28 days I have managed a post a day, I’ve been feeling really good about my blogging over that time. I’ve been planning my posts days in advanced. Thinking about them, writing when I had a spare moment and it was going really great, until today.  Today I had my post worked out, but I haven’t written it yet I hoped to get it started last night, but the words never came. Today when I sat down on the bus, on the way to the office and began working on it I was disturbed to find that it wasn’t flowing. I just couldn’t get it. It wasn’t a complicated post just a review of a Twitter client that I use on my phone. I started it, and it just didn’t work.

So why did it go wrong? The more I think about the question the more I think it isn’t really a why but a when. The when being Tuesday when I lost to separate revisions of my my blog that day. Both times the loses were silly, the software I was working in didn’t support auto saving and I didn’t take a second to manually save. So over the last couple days I’ve been looking into alternative work flow for my blog posts. The hardest part is I want to be able to work on my posts on my Phone and Desktop without having to do transfer them between. So far all my methods have been kludgy. I need a Blog writer for Windows Mobile.

I’ve tried a number of different ways of working. I’ve tried using email to write the posts on my phone and then email to my blog or an email account. Was ok, but no conductive to working on one then the other. I’ tried using Datebook entries and using Google calendar to sync them between the phone and the device. It worked pretty well, except it was a desktop and mobile failure with that connection method that hit on Tuesday.  Today I’ve setup a new method, with a Text editor or maybe Pocket Word on Windows Mobile and Live Mesh to do the sync to to the desktop. This should allow for a two way work flow, but only time will tell. Of course what I really need is Windows Live Writer on my mobile. It’s my favourite software for working in my blog.

It would seem that talking about it was what I really needed. As I started to write this entry I found the flow I’ve had for my posting returning. I’m so glad about that, there was a moment today when I thought about not posting. It didn’t last long, looking at the calendar on the side of my blog with everyday highlight except the final 3 days of the month was more then enough to keep me from faltering before completing my goal of writing everyday in October. Of course whether I will be able to keep it going through November is still up in the air.

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