Is it winter yet?

The fall seems to be slipping away. We had a lots of plans for family outings but as the weeks slip past we haven’t made it to any. Apart from having Melissa’s family over for Thanksgiving dinner our fall has been a bust. It seems every weekend with either have other plans or the weather spites us.

This weekend we have a dilemma, do we go to the Whittamore’s Farm a family tradition that Melissa and I have had since we were dating. Or we go to the Boo at the Zoo. We could try and do both, but realistically that doesn’t seem likely. So we are left with a choice do we go for the family tradition or start a new one.

Of course there are a few great events in the months to come. We have The Santa Claus Parade and the Santa Train, and of there will be The Santa Experience and probably a visit to a mall Santa, but though they are all grate family traditions they are all more wintery. It’s a shame that it looks like we’re going to miss out on most our Fall traditions. Perhaps next year will work out better.


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