Let the swimming begin

Today marks the first day of the fall swim classes for our kids. That’s right both Jacob and Violet start their lessons today. Our goal was to do an evening class, so that I could meet Melissa and the kids there after work. Unfortunately we couldn’t find both Jacobs Preschool 3 and Violets Guardian swim at a timed worked. So after looking at all our options, we determined that our best choice was Thursday mornings. So today I take the morning off from work and head off to swimming with the family.

This will be Jacob’s second swimming session in a class with other kids, and he’s very excited. He was asking me last night about how many kids would be in his class and who would be going with him. It’s hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm. I just hope that he can focus in the class. When he gets to excited he has a tendency not to listen, of course he’s only 3 so I guess that is to be expected.

Our second little swimmer, because of the city workers strike and the cool weather this summer, has only been in a pool once this summer. For her it will be an adjustment, I wasn’t there when Jacob took his first Guardian class so I’m not sure how Violet will react. Of course after our family day at the pool (See photos from yesterdays post). I’m pretty sure she’ll be alright. I am glad that the whole family will be there for her first lesson, though I’m not sure how well Jacob will do just watching.

Of course I’m posting this before leaving for swimming so I can’t say how the day went, but as this is just the first week, I’m sure I’ll find time in the coming weeks to talk about our adventures at swim class.


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