Our family night out.

Tonight was night to spend with the family. Though we didn’t spent it in a traditional way. We had a quick jaunt to the mall to pick up the last few pieces of our kids costumes and while we were out we grabbed dinner. Wasn’t exciting, but I think we all enjoyed it. Though as we were coming home Jacob wanted to head out somewhere else. but then he’s three and he’s always up for an adventure.

IMAGE_715Our little violet had some fun of her own. While we were having dinner she grabbed a roll from the table. She went to town on it. It was quite cute to watch. Of course we didn’t let her finish it all. It’s amazing how well she managed to it with her to 2 little teeth.

Tomorrow is Halloween, I’ll try to get the pictures of our little Bumble Bee and Pirate in tomorrows post. Otherwise it will have to wait until Sundays. Though I hope to start the month off with a more reflective post. I’ll see how the day goes. With all the excitement around Halloween and the regular weekend stuff it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow.


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