Playing Together

Tonight when I got home after work I thought I’d let Melissa unwind a little. So I told Jacob that we were going upstairs and play with Violet. He was quite excited, he started to pick up some of Violets toys so that she would have something to play with. It was a very sweet. So the three of use spent close to an hour playing with different toys in Jacobs room.

Of course Jacob wanted to play with his train table, so while we did that Violet pulled herself up and tried to play too. It was quite fun, though Jacob wasn’t happy when she grabbed at the train he was pushing around the track. After the train we played with some of Jacobs letters and with our large Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House. It was one of Jacob’s favourite toys when he was younger. He was quite happy to show her the different songs that plays. He was disappointed when she lost interest and started crawling away.

Though today they really just played by themselves while next to each other. It was like looking into the future, before I know it it will be the 2 of them playing upstairs causing mischief instead of just Jacob. Of course I don’t want that day to come to quickly, I don’t want my little girl to growup to quickly.


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