Swimming Update: Week 2

Yesterday was second week of swimming class, so I thought today I would take a moment to talk about how the first to classes went. Here like at swimming we’ll start with Jacob.

The first week of swimming went mostly well, Jacob was excited to have a women teacher again and for the most of the class he listened. There was few incidents where he was more interested in his own thing then what the teacher was teaching. One incident  stands out though, when the were practicing jumping into the pool Jacob decided that he’d prefer to use the stairs and ran away from his group and climbed down the stairs into the pool.

The second week started out ok, but he soon became more interested in his own thing the the teachers, and often seemed to do things to try and get her attention. Things like swimming away from the group while they were in life Jackets doing jumping practice in the deep end, to no following the teacher as the swam back from the deep end.

What I found interesting is after the lesson as he was walking towards Melissa and I you could see that he new he was in trouble. That he had done something wrong. What I’m not sure is how best to deal with this. He needs to be in a class room environment, after all he starts kindergarten next fall, but I’m thinking he’ll learn more if we go back to one on one lessons for swimming.

Her first class was good, she took a while to get used to the pool but once she did there wasn’t a problem She even managed to go under after 3 times without screaming. She came close to being upset the last time but I managed to keep her calm. She enjoyed doing front floats, her little tongue darting out to try and taste the water like a cat was so cute. Her back floats were good too, she didn’t fuss at all when we were doing them. Jacob always hated back floats. All and all her first lesson went really well.

For the second lesson we had a tired baby, and though she mostly enjoyed it there were times that she let me know that she didn’t want to be there. It took her longer to adjust to being in the water and she didn’t really slash or kick her feet. Though there were times that she enjoyed it and when we practiced going under water she didn’t cry. When we were singing Grand Old Duke of York and I lifted her out of the water she cried, but that was near the end of class and buy then se was close to falling a sleep on my shoulder.

I know it’s only been to classes but I really am enjoying the time in the pool with Violet. I hadn’t realised how much I missed swimming with Jacob until I got into the pool with Violet. It’s a special time that I can share with my little girl. I’m not sure how old she’ll be when we switch to one on one lessons with an instructor, but I’m happy to continue swimming with her as long as I can.


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