The IPhone is coming… The IPhone is coming…

For months Melissa has been saying she wants an IPhone, for months I have been saying we have to wait till our contract is up before we can switch to Rogers to get you an IPhone. It all started 18 months ago Melissa and I activated a couples plan with TELUS Mobility on a three year contract. We both got HTC S720 Windows Mobile Smartphones, Its a functional but not practical or elegant. Both Melissa and I are coveting other phones.

Our plan was to wait till our contract was up in another 18 months and then move to Rogers, get Melissa an IPhone and me a Google Phone. With the news that both TELUS and Bell are going to start offering the IPhone new options emerge. We should be able to get Melissa her IPhone as soon as we are eligible for a Smartphone upgrade. Though for her IPhone we’ll probably wait an additional 4 months so that we can get the newest model when it’s release in June or July.

Of course that still leaves me wondering what phone I will get. I don’t want an IPhone. I think it’s a great gadget and I love the touch screen and tons of apps, but I want a physical keyboard. I like the HTC Dream’s slide out keyboard and more open OS. I want to have more control of my device. I want to be able to develop for my phone, and right now the only phone I’ve done any developing for is Windows Mobile, so I’m leaning to something like the HTC Pro2 or some new phone running Windows 6.5. But all this is speculation. I don’t know what Phone TELUS will have in 6 months let alone 10 when we’ll probably buy them. I might even be an IPhone convert by then. Only Time will tell


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