Turkey Coma

Today our family celebrated Thanksgiving, Melissa and I hosted her family for a dinner of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, gravy, and I can’t for get Stuffing. We also had Pie with whipped cream for desert. It was a great dinner, Melissa did an amazing job making all the food. As a rule we let Melissa handle all the cooking, my role in the kitchen is one of minion. Fetching, Lifting, cleaning and even some tasting. We find this produces the best meals. Which is fair, though I tried to learn to cook a few years ago, I’m much happy leaving that chore to others.

A memorable part of dinner tonight for me was watching Violet sitting in her high chair enjoying the dinner with the family. She happily feed herself chunks of potato and carrot. She looked like such a big girl. Combine that with her close to picking up a new sign this after noon, and I’m forced to accept that my baby girl will be nine months in 9 short days.

Enough talk about my growing little girl, I think that all the food is getting to me. I’m tired and would like to just curl up and go to sleep… in fact I think I will embrace the turkey coma.

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