Digital House Cleaning

Sorry for the late post tonight, I’ve been trying to get my posts up in the morning but today that wasn’t possible.  Today has been a day of electronic house cleaning. It started when I decided it was time to change my website host. Then expanded when I did a wipe of my cell phone, and should have continued tonight with reorganizing my programming projects to use Subversion.

I’ve changed hosts because as I’ve been using my blog more and more, I’ve been noticing a lot of issues with my existing host. The service would be down 2 or 3 times a day, and It got to be annoying. So I spent the last week reviewing my options and had settled on one, but when I went to pay there was a bit of a unexpected bump in the price after the first month. To be fair the service was worth the full price, it’s just my limit is less then or equal to what I’ was already paying. So I went on a hunt and came up with a new host Now They have all the features that I was looking for and some I hadn’t considered. The big problem is that it’s raw power. The configuration is a lot more hands on, and a less polished then the services I’m used to. So far I’m impressed.

The one question mark of this domain move is what to do with It’s been my domain for close to 10 years. That’s a long time and part of me wants to hold on to it, but Its just not used anymore, apart from as my main email account. So I think I will let it die, and migrate my email to my current server.

Wiping my phone was easy, all the important information is stored on Google and the installs for my apps are sitting on my memory card. Of course on my way home with my freshly wiped phone I saw an announcement for a new phone available on Telus, The LG IQ, and now for the first time in since Melissa and I determined our cell phone upgrade plan I think I know the phone I’ll be getting. So the question is do I really have to wait?

I haven’t had a chance to do any of the Subversion stuff I wanted to do tonight, but I’ve set up my repository and will try and start the moving stuff up there this weekend. More on this in the weeks to come


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