Not enough hours in the day

Here I sit again at the end of the day thinking that I really should be doing this earlier. Its been a long day, first with work, trying to wrap some important stuff up before the weekend. After work it was an evening out with the family and now it’s 11pm and I’m just sitting down in front of my computer to try and finish the switch of my other domains over to the new host. Plus I still have to finish getting all the plugins and widgets  I use on my blog up and running again.

All of that and even as I write this, in the back of my mind is the nagging feeling that I should be doing some other chores around the house. It seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do. But I’m sure I’ll find the time. After all, I should be getting some time off around Christmas perhaps then I’ll be able to catch up.

Right now the hardest part is that about half my domains are on my old host the other on my new host. So I’m pulling email from 2 servers for the same accounts, and I’m still trying to figure out what email I want to migrate and what I want to just delete. And how I want it to work on the new server. The level of control I have is impressive, but I’m still not sure how to wheeled that control yet. So hang in there, this should be my last, I’m working on the domain move post, I’ll be back to my regular content by tomorrow.


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