Trivia Night

I write this on the way home from trivia, its been a long day and I haven’t found the time to blog before now. To be fair I had a bit of time before trivia to write but nothing came. So now I punch this out while desperately hoping I’ll catch the 11:30 bus.

Torontos co-operative pub quiz leagueIt was the final game of the season for my trivia team, we won but I didn’t catch the final score. I play in The Canadian Inquisition trivia leage. The league has 17 teams, 2 divisions Torquemada and Jaworski with 8 teams each, one team writing the question each season. The games themselves are 10 rounds of 10 question. Each team has 5 players and the questions alternate between teams. Each player gets a question and you get 2 chances to answer it. The first is just you, for 2 points. The second is with the help of your team for 1. Except in the challenge round where instead of your team its the opposing player that has a chance to ‘steal’ the one point.

Its a great way to relax with friends and a in my case family, my dad plays on my team, on a Monday night. It was actually my dad who recruited me around 10 years ago when I started playing. I started as a convenient sub, I had a cell phone, live 30 minutes from the pubs the league plays out of and was usually free on Mondays. Before long I was playing more then not, and after setting the questions with the team one season I became the regular 5th. I was so into trivia there was a time I was looking at starting my own team in the league. Of course that wasn’t to be. Now my Monday nights are filled with family responsibility and I only make it out to a handful of games each season. But that’s enough, I’m hoping to be able to write a few rounds the next time the team sets the questions, even if I wont be able to be a Question Master for many games.  


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