Mobile Monday: ColorNote


CAP201011080856I know it’s Tuesday but over the weekend I wiped and re-setup my phone. This threw off my Mobile Monday post. So here it is a day late, and our app ColorNote. A simple notes application that has a lot of really great features. It supports 2 types of notes, Text and Checklists. The text notes are what you would expect, great for free form notes. The checklist allows you to create lists that you can be sorted and checked off. The interface is very visual and at its heart seems to be based on the post-it note. Right down to the widget that lets you add post-its to your home screens. Having multi coloured post-it notes on my home screen makes it easy to make quick notes and use the basic checklists.

One feature of ColorNote that I haven’t really used is the reminders. You can set reminders for each note. The 5 Quick Settings let you set reminders quickly, (Remind me Always, Remind me Today, Remind me in 15 minutes, remind me in 30 minutes, Pin to status bar) or you can use one of the 3 built-in reminders types to build your custom reminder.


The one things missing from ColorNote is a way to sync the notes off the phone. I really like being able to view and edit my notes on my computer. Though it does create allow you to create a password protected backup of your notes to your SD card which can be used to restore them after a system reset. One pleasant surprise for me was that it includes an auto backup auto backup feature that let me restore my notes after my reset this weekend.

ColorNote is one of the simplest and most useful notes applications I’ve used on my phone. Having both a good place to record my text and makes lists is very handy. It’s also only one of many notes applications I’ve tried and is just the first I’ve reviewed. Stay tuned for my thoughts on Evernote, mNote and more.


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