Mobile Mondays: RunKeeper


CAP2011011715511Todays app is one that has help keep me interested in running. When I started last my I made sure to track all my runs, and RunKeeper is how I did it. It’s that tracking and being able to see my progress that helped get me out there day after day even when my body protested. What’s been great is as my running has improved so has RunKeeper. RunKeeper started as an iPhone app and later moved to android, as such the android version has lagged behind the iPhone version for features. Though I’m happy to say Android has almost caught up. I have looked at the iPhone version but have only really used the Android Application.

RunKeeper uses the GPS on your phone to track your outdoor actives and can provide audio feed back in real-time. With both pre-set interval announcements through the Coaching system or just regular updates of time and distance traveled. In the latest version you can even enter your indoor workouts right in the Android application, it’s been available on the iPhone and website for a while now. This allows you to track workouts on treadmill, elliptical, Stationary Bike and even Rowing Machines.


One of the best parts of RunKeeper isn’t even in the application. The web interface for reviewing your activities, building routes for future activities and interacting with other people using Runkeeper. If you are doing any regular out-door activity like running or cycling it’s a most have application. If you are just thinking about it getting more active Runkeeper can be a great motivator. Street teams lets you track your activities with friends from around the world. They also offer fitness classes that can make your running more social even if you are out there by yourself. I haven’t tried a fitness class yet though.

There are 2 versions of Runkeeper, Lite and Pro. Lite is free but is missing some of the functionality.  Pro regular cost 9.99 on both the Android Market and Apple app store but to celebrate the new year is available for free till the end of January. So even if you are only thinking about getting out there and being more active it’s worth downloading today. They also have a subscription service called Elite. The benefits are advanced reporting, fitness alerts, Runkeeper Live (allows you to stream your GPS tracked activities on, allowing others the ability to watch how you’re doing in real-time), plus 50% off fitness classes.

If you want to check it out my RunKeeper profile is


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