POD: First Race (29:34)


Today was race day. After 10 months of running mostly alone on the local streets I finally got into an organized race. Running with a crowd adds a new dimension to running that I didn’t really expect. Though It was a great experience and though I fell short of my ultimate goal of under 28 Minutes, I did beat the Goal I had always set for my first race, under 30 minutes. I Ran it in either 29:34, the time I got from the Races Chip on my bib and 29:25 according to my phones GPS. Considering that my signal was poor for parts of the race, I think I’ll go with the official race time as the time I quote for my run.  The race was a little harder than I expected. There were times that I felt I just didn’t have any strength left, that I contemplated pulling over and walking. Though there were a few moments here and there that I did walk, I managed to push through and I feel really good about how the race went. I’m looking forward to the next time I can get out there and that’s going to be sooner than I thought. My next official race is going to be the Sporting Life 10k, but I’ll have more on that in my next running post later in the week.

Our bonus pictures today are from the day at the race. Both before and after:






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