Last day of school


While I write this Jacob is getting for the last day of school. It’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday we were giving him his Schultte and walking him to his first class. Of course it was a lot of yesterdays and now we must look to the tomorrows. The biggest question facing Melissa and me is if he should stay where he is, or move to a new school and start french immersion. It’s a hard question on we seem to have been struggling with all year.

Yesterday while picking Jacob up at school Melissa had an impromptu parent teacher conference. They happen fairly often throughout the year and really let us stay on top of how Jacob was doing. It’s also something we’ll lose if we’re putting him on the bus each morning, instead of walking him to school.  Yesterdays conversation was about next year and about who will be teaching Jacob next year, it seems he has a good teacher lined up if he stays, to go with that he’ll be all day, where french immersion is still only half day.

Watching Jacob grow during his first year of school has been great, I am so proud of all he’s learned. That he picked up a chapter book for independent reading is just so wonderful and it makes me question, if I want to add a new language into the mix.

In the end there are pros and cons for either decision, and we want to make the choice that’s right for Jacob, unfortunately without a time machine there is no way to be sure which way will be best for Jacob, all we can do is choose one and help him through any challenges that come his way.

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