Updating Geekwithkids.com

Regular readers of my blog will notice a few changes today. I’ve added a Looking back section and new dynamic header. Plus  rearranged some of the additional information you see on my site. Though on the surfaced the changes are minor, I have also made a number of changes under the hood, so please let me know if something looks off or isn’t working properly.

I have been planning the update for over two months and had wanted to launch it at the beginning of May to honor the number of personal milestones I had that week. Unfortunately between my responsibilities at home and at work plus training for my first Half-Marathon I never got everything I wanted done. So instead of waiting another month while I try to finish all the changes I had planned, I decided to launch with what I have and just update it as I complete the additional work.

I am not sure how long the rest of the changes I intend to make will take, June is a busy month for our family with 4 days a week of T-Ball for Jacob, but it will be coming. I plan on starting by finishing the code that generates the Header and Looking Back images. I want them to change less frequently probably either hourly or daily. I’m also working on a system for managing the images that are used flor the header graphic, so that its simple to add more.  Depending how it turns out I hope to make it available as either a standalone app or a WordPress plugin.

I hope this is the first of many changes this summer that will make Geek with Kids a better blog to read, so stay tuned.


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