Fitness Friday: Hits and Misses of Week 1


Last Friday I stated my plan for getting back on track with my running and by extension my weight loose. As the days slipped by I did find myself running more, I got out for 3 runs since my last Fitness Friday post.  Of course over that time I tried to watch what I ate, but it seemed when I had the choice of being good and being bad, I always choose bad. So each morning when I’d get on the scale to get a feel for how I was doing it didn’t look good. Though as Friday approached and I knew I’d have to face the blog I started getting a little better, and with last nights 10.27 run I managed to come in lower than I expected. A lower. This weeks weight is 224 lbs. That’s a loose of 2.5 pounds, a number that is probably unrealistic to expect to repeat next week. I’m thinking about taking fat burners and finding something on the internet, I’ve read about this alpha lean 7 reviews and I’m curious, I could try it out, can I get the same result or more? Unless of course I stop the evening freezer raids for Freezes and the occasional chocolate bar on my way home from work.

The key I’ve been told by many different diet plans is to track my food. Record every thing you eat so that you can see where the calories are coming from. Every morning this week I’ve said today is the day I will log my food, then I’d have a granola bar and a bowl of cereal for breakfast and say, tomorrow I’ll start. Today marks a week of saying that and I know that has to stop, so I look at the calendar and think Monday, have one last weekend without being accountable for what I eat. Or even, why start Monday, the family is heading off on vacation in 3 short weeks, do I really want to track while on vacation? Maybe I should wait till we get back or maybe after my vacation ends and I get back to work?

It’s that kind of thinking that I need to change. I need to start tracking now, I need to stop waiting for tomorrow and start living for today, so I will not wait till my vacation is over, I will not wait till Monday. I wont even wait till tomorrow morning,. Once I’m done this blog post I’ll sit down and write what I’ve had today, as best I can and keep track from then on. To be clear, I am not planning on changing what I eat, not yet at least. What I plan is to write down what I eat, what ever it is. To take owner ship of the calories I’m consuming. Then when I have a log for a week or two, then I’ll begin trying to change what I eat. In the past I’ve not longed because I would eat questionable things, and it was easier to ignore them if they weren’t on paper. That changes now.

Run of the Week:


For our run of the week we highlight last weeks ‘Long Run’. It wasn’t as long as I hoped and my pass felt really slow. But I want to highlight it because of how I felt when I first headed out. I started my run at 8:47 on Sunday morning, and before I had hit the first kilometer I felt like I was done, that I couldn’t continue. My legs felt heavy and I really just wanted to be curled up in my bed. But I pushed on, and as the run continued it didn’t get much better. But I pushed through it. Of course as I reached the 9 km mark I was running out of gas and the sun was betting down on me as I looked at the prospect of running down the sun drenched street I decided to cut my run a little short. I think on Sunday I’ll stick to running near the lake.

One final thought, as ran during this last week it became clear how important it is to run more than the once or twice a week I was doing in June, I think I want to try getting out 3 nights a week plus my long run on Sunday, but as I look at schedules for the coming week if that’s realistic. I’m confident I can get out on my long run, but the nights could be a problem.

So now as I wrap up todays Faintness Friday post I’m left with a question for my readers. Do you want to see what I eat? should I use a public list for my tracking? Left me know in the comments, I’m really interested in your feedback.

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  1. You want an honest reply?? Well I don’t really want to read what you eat so if you do post it, I will skip that section…..I have enough trouble watching what I eat LOL

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