Mobile Mondays: Milestone Media Dock


Today I thought I’d go a little different. And talk about some hardware, Melissa and the kids got me for father’s day. The Motorola Media Dock.

It’s a simple device that your phone sits in to charge, what’s great about it is what happens on your phone when you slide it in. It goes from phone to desktop clock. With the time and date prominently display along with the local weather. With a press of the screen you can set alarms, watch a slide, listen to music or access the phones regular home screens.  I also find it easier to slide into the dock then connect the Micro USB cable.

Over all I really like the look of the phone in the dock, and I’ve been tempted to pick-up another one or two so I don’t have to keep moving this one from my home to my office.

I have more hard where news next week, that puts today’s post in an interesting light, so stay tuned.


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